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About Us

PLT pride themselves on being different from other companies; both in the way we treat our staff and our customers. This is in large part due to the fact that the two directors previously worked in sectors totally unconnected to cleaning. One – John - was a teacher, the other – Dave - an industrial chemist. This has allowed us to evolve a completely different philosophy to how we work with our clients and our staff.

When we first took control of PLT services it was a specialist carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning company with a great reputation. We very quickly realised that our clients appreciated the way we operated and were constantly asking us to provide extra services. We quickly began gaining various accreditations and certifications and were thus able to offer this extended range of services to our clients – old and new. Over time, this list of services has grown, until we are now able to offer a “wraparound” service to individual clients, commercial cleaning companies and facility managers and companies. We will not offer a service unless we can do it properly and professionally, always ensuring that the service is complemented by the use of correct specialist equipment and chemicals. We also make sure that the people operating the equipment and using the chemicals are fully trained – guaranteeing better results for the client!

We have no preconceptions; just a desire to always evolve our processes in order to deliver high standards in everything we do! We think our offering is so flexible that no matter how big or small your company, talking to us will be beneficial.