Professional Services

You can count on PLT Services to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

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Bio-Hazard Cleaning

Ordinary cleaning staff are capable of doing most things. However, one thing they definitely can not do is any type of bio-hazard clean. Specialist operators need to be used who understand the importance of infection control, using the right equipment and chemicals, and employing all necessary preventions to ensure that they are not exposed to any harmful pathogens or viruses.

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Builders Cleaning

Many years of working with the building industry have allowed us to hone the skills necessary for them to complete on time and to budget. The builder’s cleans teams we will send to any job will be fully conversant with all aspects of a site – regardless of its size. When the pressure is really on, a PLT builder’s clean team is what you need!


Carpet Cleaning

In order to maintain your carpets in good order it is necessary to implement a regular carpet cleaning schedule. This may be a six monthly clean in a quiet office with staff who are careful, to a weekly or monthly clean in a front of house environment that is client facing.
We will visit your site and put together the programme that best suits both it and your budget. Clean, stain free carpets say a lot about your business and the visual impact they have on your clients can make a real difference. Money well spent on regularly maintaining your carpets has a very real return on investment!

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Ceiling Restoration

PLT can restore your ceilings by cleaning existing tiles or respraying your existing ceiling tiles and grid. All PLT staff are CSCS qualified so we can perform this as part of the builder’s/sparkle clean process for building contractors. The system we employ means that other trades can carry on working while we are cleaning the ceilings. A real help toward the end of construction when time is of the essence!

Wet scraping process made with high pres

High-Level Cleaning

As all members of a PLT high-level cleaning team are IPAF and PASMA certificated we can operate all access equipment needed for any job, no matter how high the structure. They are all CSCS qualified as well so we are able to offer this service to any construction site at any stage of the build process

Keyboard Cleaner in blue color cleaning

PC/Telephone Cleaning

Although most office cleaning is conducted out of hours, our flexible approach means that we can offer solutions that involve day cleaning as well – particularly important in classified and/or secure areas. It may be that you do not require a daily service. You may only want a one-off clean, or a totally ad-hoc service. We can deliver whatever you – the client - needs and we are totally 24/7!

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Pressure Washing

PLT are able to offer a specialist, professional jet washing service which use high-powered equipment and specialist chemicals to remove dirt, grime and graffiti from all exterior surfaces. The pressure washers used deliver water at a significantly high flow rate, which allied to the high pressure, ensure that most surfaces are left clean.

Clean industrial interior of a server ro

Server Room Cleaning

Cleaning and decontamination by specialist skilled operatives helps to safeguard the business by reducing the risk of outage or downtime and the high cost of business interruption.  Any particles can threaten computer mainframes and storage equilibrium. Lower dust and static levels result in reduced failure rates, consistent data availability and greater reliability and productivity. A regular cleaning programme will also enhance the working environment for both staff and visitors.

Exterior black stone floor cleaning with

Stone Cleaning

We can clean your stone surfaces in either a commercial or residential environment. The staff, processes and chemicals used are all the same. Whether it’s an office reception or a marble work surface we can help to keep it looking good as new! The cost of keeping it looking good is far less than the cost of replacing it.

Sofa chemical cleaning with professional

Upholstery Cleaning

Regular maintenance extends the life of your upholstered furniture and provides an environment which is both comfortable and clean. It will also help prevent infestations such as dust mites and health issues such as asthma, vitally important to the health and well-being of your environment.

Residential Garbage

Rubbish/Waste Removal

PLT are able to offer a same day waste removal service throughout the UK. Many of our clients enjoy the fact that they do not have to hire an expensive skip, which are often difficult to locate, may need permits, and run the risk of being filled up before your own rubbish gets the chance to be put in them!

Man cleaning window using Window Cleanin

Window Cleaning

As all PLT window cleaning staff are CSCS certificated we can clean windows on any building sites at any stage of construction, and the method employed means we do not stop other trades functioning whilst we are working – helping to alleviate downtime. Where necessary we can hire and operate all access equipment as we are fully PASMA and IPAF qualified.

Hand cleaning baked on kitchen grime on

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

We will work with you to compose a programme that will keep your site fit for purpose. You will already have in place a daily cleaning regime, but it will need to be augmented by our service.

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Deep Washroom Cleaning

  Although most sites will have a daily cleaning regime in place, it is important to carry out deep washroom cleaning on a regular basis. This may by monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually. It will depend entirely on the amount of use a washroom gets. The busier it is, the shorter should be the period between deep cleans.

Drywall Repair and Restoration

Fire/Flood Restoration

PLT are able to offer a full fire and flood restoration service throughout the UK. Both of these events can have devastating effects on the continuity of a business, so they need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively in order to minimise disruption. Our trained teams can be on site with specialist equipment and chemicals very quickly, and can put in place an effective clean up programme.