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Bio-hazard cleaning

Ordinary cleaning staff are capable of doing most things. However, one thing they definitely can not do is any type of bio-hazard clean. Specialist operators need to be used who understand the importance of infection control, using the right equipment and chemicals, and employing all necessary preventions to ensure that they are not exposed to any harmful pathogens or viruses.

We operate this service throughout the UK, keeping our client’s sites clean, and their workforce safe. We clean everything from a nose bleed, to urine and faeces, vomit, to undiscovered dead bodies! Whatever we are required to do is done professionally, with the minimum of fuss, and leaving the site totally free from bacteria and any risk to members of the public or staff.

The last few years have seen an increase in infections like the norovirus, which can sweep through an office causing disruption by staff absenteeism. To alleviate this PLT bio-hazard cleaning have developed a process whereby we can treat any affected area helping to prevent further outbreaks.

For most of us, carpet fleas and ticks are just a nuisance. Although their bites can sometimes cause a rash or raised skin, some people are violently affected by them. In some cases the allergic reaction can cause severe bronchial problems. Air conditioning, floor voids, and food material provide an ideal environment for outbreaks from these pests. We can attend your site, and carry out a two stage process that ensures that all adults and their eggs/larvae are destroyed, and removed ensuring that all your workforce are safe.

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