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Ceiling Cleaning

How many times have you walked into an office, where it is very apparent that money has been spent keeping this environment clean, only to look up and notice the greasy fingermarks and dusty areas on the suspended ceiling. The sad thing is that it is relatively inexpensive to keep this area clean as well.

Most of us would be surprised at how much work goes on within the suspended ceiling. It ranges from regular checks on the fire systems, air conditioning, electrical systems, as well as any work caused by leaks etc. People working within the ceiling void are supposed to wear gloves, but it is obvious by the amount of fingermarks on most office ceilings, that this practice is not widely used!

We use a very safe and effective system to completely remove all grease and dirt from the metal tiles, leaving them totally clean and streak free. As all dirt removed is contained within the cleaning process the rest of the office environment is unaffected.

All PLT ceiling cleaning staff are CSCS qualified so we can clean ceilings as part of the builder’s/sparkle clean process for building contractors. The system we employ means that other trades can carry on working while we are cleaning the ceilings. A real help toward the end of construction when time is of the essence!

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