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Fire/Flood Restoration

PLT are able to offer a full fire and flood restoration service throughout the UK. Both of these events can have devastating effects on the continuity of a business, so need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively in order to minimise disruption. Our trained teams can be on site with specialist equipment and chemicals very quickly, and can put in place and effective clean up programme.

Flood Restoration

An escape of water, if not contained quickly, can lead to severe problems in any building. Not only does it affect the immediate environment, but it also has a habit of spreading quickly causing problems to a much wider area. It also carries with it any contaminates it picks up along the way, exacerbating the problem. These contaminates can be bacteria from sewage affected water to rust and iron deposits from central heating/air conditioning units. This has to be taken into account when treating the escaped water to protect our teams and your staff, and to make sure we use suitable equipment and chemicals.

Making sure that affected areas are dried thoroughly is important, not only in safeguarding the structure of an office/building, but in also preventing the growth of mould which can have serious health implications for any workforce. These can include the onset of bronchial problems and asthma.

Fire Restoration

Most people have seen the soot, and experienced the horrible smell following any kind of small fire. Imagine how much worst these problems are following a large fire! Removing the soot and the smell, and restoring your environment back to a safe, clean condition, takes a lot of hard work by highly trained operatives using specialist chemicals and equipment.

At the end of the clean not only should the environment look clean, but it is vitally important that all vestiges of any contaminates have been effectively neutralised. Not only can these contaminates contain carcinogens, but they can also cause bronchial problems for the workforce. The process and materials we use ensure that the environment is clean, and the workforce are safe.

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