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Floor Cleaning

While all parts of a busy office should be kept tidy, a clean floor can be especially important when attempting to portray an image of professionalism, care for staff and customers, and hygiene. The cleaning regime from your cleaning contractor will not always keep it looking at its best. This is a major investment so you may consider hiring a professional floor cleaning company to carry this out. We are that company; cleaning and maintaining floors to a high standard throughout the United Kingdom.

For most vinyl and wooden floors, the process is the same. Stripper is applied to the surface to soften the existing polish. Rotary scrubbing machines are used to break the softened polish down into a slurry which is then picked up by wet extraction machines. The area is then mopped to ensure no residue is left, and allowed to dry. Once totally dry the surface is coated with two coats of ultra-high solids liquid polish. This must be allowed to dry fully in order for the polish to cure. For Amtico and Karndean floors the products required by the manufacturer are used.

When a floor has been sealed you can then decide the maintenance programme best suited to your needs. This could be a regular (quarterly or six-monthly) strip & re-seal or a mixture of stripping and re-sealing interspersed with spray buffing. Spray buffing is a cheaper alternative to a full strip & re-seal but still maintains the integrity of the floor surface.

Regular maintenance will ensure that the surface of your vinyl/wood is kept in good order, helping to avoid the scratches that lead to dirty marks appearing. It will also help to maintain a healthy environment for your workforce.

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