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Pressure Washing

PLT are able to offer a specialist, professional jet washing service which use high-powered equipment and specialist chemicals to remove dirt, grime and graffiti from all exterior surfaces. The pressure washers used deliver water at a significantly high flow rate, which allied to the high pressure, ensure that most surfaces are left clean.

A lot of our work is with the construction industry where they need exteriors, or facades of buildings cleaned at high levels. We are also able to clean car parks, school playgrounds, patios, and paved areas, leaving the surfaces free of all dirt and the majority of stains.

Sometimes it is necessary to jet wash following a rubbish clearance to insure that all vestiges of the waste are removed – especially important when dealing with food waste.

All staff using our high pressure equipment have been fully trained to use it safely and effectively for both themselves and our clients. Full method statements and risk assessments are provided prior to each job so both parties know what will be done, and that the work will be carried out safely.

Quite often following pressure washing we can provide a treatment to inhibit the growth of moss, and protect surfaces against future staining. We will be happy to carry out a site visit where we can discuss in more detail the specific needs of your site.

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