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PLT Then & Now

LONDON- Publications often focus on the future of Facilities Management and the companies that drive the industry, but not many focus on the past. At PLT Services, we feel that it is only right to give the past the consideration it deserves; after all we learn from it. It made us who we are today. The then and now of PLT Services has been quite a journey, and we are proud of our history.

Beginning in 2007 as the dream of a teacher and an industrial chemist, PLT services was originally only a carpet cleaning company. Wow, how things have changed. Starting out in carpets gave John and Dave, our directors, a better feel for the industry that would soon become their niche. Gaining traction, they began to pick up other odd jobs here and there such as jet washing, window cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. Fast forward 12 years and PLT Services now offers a complete wrap around service to cater to any of our clients’ needs.

Getting here hasn’t been easy, however. Success isn’t assured, and it definitely isn’t instant. Throughout the years PLT has faced a variety of challenges, including the rapid changes to the FM industry itself. With the shift away from providing specialty services to providing a more encompassing “one stop shop”, PLT had to reform its image and practices to meet the times.

The addition of digital marketing also rapidly changed PLT. Changing from a mostly word-of-mouth business built on face-to-face networking and personal connection to a thriving, online presence wasn’t simple. Building a website, creating a LinkedIn page, and hiring a marketing department took investment and planning to take off.

One thing has remained throughout our years of evolving here at PLT, and that is our commitment to our clients. No matter how large we grow or how advanced our technology becomes, we will always keep our small business attitude. This small business, customer-first approach reminds us of where we started, and it lets us build lasting relationships in the community. Still offering carpet cleaning today, we are reminded daily of our humble beginnings, and we renew our commitment to a high standard of service now and for years to come.

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