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New Year, Same Commitment to Success

January 12, 2019

Around the first week of January each year, business and individuals alike seem to rush to set a list of resolutions for the year ahead. These optimistic goals are often soon met with disappointment, as new habits are not simply formed overnight. At PLT, we wanted to avoid this habitual let-down and take three weeks to reflect on the whole of 2018 and strategize for the year ahead.

2018 was the year of growth. Taking on new business and making a name for ourselves in the industry, the staff PLT worked tirelessly every day to grow our portfolio as much as possible. Fortunately met with success, the PLT team went into the Christmas holiday and the New Year celebration confident that our 2018 goals of growth were met.

While an increase in business is always a goal in any industry, we at PLT feel that this is not the primary goal on which to focus this year. For us, 2019 is the year of relationships. Whether it be with our friends and family, our professional network of cleaning companies and other facilities partners, or our clients, we are going take this year to focus on others' goals and how we can help each individual succeed.

There are many different ways in which we plan to achieve this goal. With our addition of a marketing department, we have positioned ourselves to reach out to partners and their businesses in order to be present and proactive in the FM community. With the addition of new networking events this year, PLT hopes to be out in the FM community meeting as many people and helping build connections in as many ways as possible. We view our relationships with our cleaning partners to be just as important as our relationships with our clients, and we want to help our fellow FM family have just as much success in this new year as we have enjoyed in 2018.

Finally, to further our goal of relationship and connection we have decided to focus with our managing director, John, on every step of the client-relations process. Due to this, every customer can be confident that decisions large and small are handled from multiple perspectives and with total confidence. No detail is too small to be thought of and handled in advance.

Overall, PLT are very excited about all of the possible connections to be made in 2019. This is the year of relationships, and we want to connect with you. If you would like to know more about us or our team, never hesitate to give us a ring or drop us an email, we can't wait to talk to you.

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